Aircraft Cleaning Services



·       Interior Aircraft Cleaning Detail Services

With tools, techniques and products specially designed to meet OEM requirements, we can comfortably say that every one of our interior services is designed with your aircraft’s particular requirements in mind.





1.     Interior Cleaning and Detailing - Cleaning your aircraft’s interior is the first line of defense in keeping your aircraft looking great. And with the flexibility of choosing a full or quick interior service, every surface inside your aircraft is cleaned, sanitized, and reorganized just the way you like it.

2.     Anti – Microbial Protection - Protecting passengers and crews from germs and bacteria no longer has to be complicated. We’re proud to offer the first aviation approved Anti-Microbial Treatment that’s not only Boeing approved for every surface of your aircraft, but also safe around humans and pets alike.

3.     Carpet Cleaning Services- Commercial level carpet extraction removes dirt, oils, and stains while removing 98% of the water used. The end result is a refreshed carpet ready for your next flight. aircraft’s carpet takes a beating year-around not only from your passengers, but from Mother Nature as well. To help combat these factors and restore the appearance of your aircraft, a thorough carpet cleaning provides a way to remove high traffic marks and stains without the high cost of replacing the fixture all together.Done with care as to not soak the carpet’s protective fire backing, the area is first spot cleaned to remove stains before a complete vacuum is accomplished. Finally, the entire carpet is cleaned with a commercial grade carpet extractor and dried utilizing commercial air mover thus leaving behind a clean and refreshed surface. 
Please Note: This service can be completed with the carpet left inside the aircraft, and or fully removed.

4.     Leather Cleaning and Reconditioning - Focused on bringing back the life of your aircraft’s leather, the hide is first thoughtfully cleaned before several passes are made with premium conditioners to breath life into once faded seats, armrests, and headliners.

5.     Lavatory Cleaning - Your aircraft’s lavatory should be a point of pride and not something hidden behind a door. Care is taken to sanitize and reorganize drawers and surfaces to ensure a refreshed compartment that doesn’t have to be hidden from view any longer.

6.     Air Service is committed to keeping flights clean and on time. Through our unparalleled Cabin Appearance and Janitorial Services, we deliver customized, high- impact cleaning programs within the tightest of timeframes. We deliver and leverage a highly-skilled mobile workforce that cleans our customers’ aircraft and facilities to exacting standards. 

·       Exterior Services

Looking to improve the appearance of your aircraft’s exterior? Then this is the place to get started! We’ve listed every one of our exterior services with detailed explanations below for you to review. And since all of our services are designed to meet OEM requirements, you can have piece of mind that your needs will be met while following your aircraft particular requirements.




1.     Aircraft Washing - Washing is the first line of defense in keeping your aircraft looking great. And with the option of choosing a wet or dry wash, no matter which option you choose, the end result will always be a smooth and clean surface without any unsightly water spots.

2.     Birghtwork (Metal Polishing) - Designed to remove scratches, pitting, and hazing from your aircraft metal surfaces, this multistage process not only removes these items but will leave your metal with a deep mirror-like shine.

3.     Paint Protection (Sealants & Waxes) - Protecting your aircraft’s paint not only keeps it looking great, but can actually save you money in repainting costs down the line. So if you’re looking to restore the appearance of your aircraft’s faded paint or just want to keep what you have looking great, these services are for you.

4.     Gear Well Cleaning - Done in several stages and with the utmost care to ensure components are not damaged, the gear well area is cleaned and brought back to a like-new appearance.


·     Customized Services 

Every aircraft is unique and should be treated as such. Due to the vast amount of services that are possible, we might have forgotten a few! Have no fear, as we do accept customized service requests for even the most demanding tasks. When you choose customized services, not only will you be able to choose the options that meet your needs, you’ll be backed by our professional expertise and knowledge. In addition, if you’re unsure of what exactly your aircraft needs, you can contact us 24/7/365 and we’d be happy to help you select the services you need to make your aircraft the best looking on the ramp. Also, if you desire, we can dispatch one of our team members to meet you plane-side to discuss your needs to create a total custom package that’s everything you need.




-          Interior Cleaning

o   Hat Rock

o   Coat closet

o   Galley Oven

o   oven (air conditional cleaning)

o   pax door and windows

o   dado panel

o   floor board

o   partition

o   cockpit

o   VCC

o   Trim (behind door)


-          Cleaning services

o   Vacuum

o   Remove double tape

o   Polishing

o   Wipe

o   Wet washing

o   Cargo cleaning


-          Seat cleaning

o   Vacuum

o   Crew seat

o   Cleaning under sear

o   Box cover – seat track

o   arm rest

o   arrange seat accordingly


-          Janitorial services

o   Toilet Tank


-          Exterior Cleaning

o   Wipe high visible areas

o   dirt areas

o   wheels

o   Nose

o   leading edges

o   engine nacelles

o   door areas

o   exhaust track

o   all cabin windows and wind screen

o   Paint stripping


-          Wheel and brake

o   Bearing

o   Dismantle

o   Cleaning

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